The Golden Calf by Helene Tursten

The twisted crimes Huss investigated in the previous books began to irritate me. It felt that each book in the series might be an entry of the encyclopedia of sex crimes. But, with this new book, I missed that theme. This book was predictable, with a deus ex machina ending. That the complicated, interwoven mystery could be wrapped in one stroke by a (stereotyped) black, female FBI agent was forced and totally out of place. What was the point of all the trips to Paris and elsewhere when the FBI could step in and tie it all up in one scene? A call to the FBI in the first chapter would have made the whole book unnecessary.

Speaking of out of place, the subplot with the woman, her son, and the mystery father felt cut and pasted. Keeping the resolution of this thread raises the question – is this a setup for the next book?

I didn’t find the plot compelling or the ending satisfactory. Here’s hoping Tursten does better next time.


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