The Revenant of Thraxton Hall by Vaughn Entwistle

Now that Sherlock Holmes (prior to 1923) is in the public domain, there will undoubtedly be more and more Holmes-ripoffs.

Yet another Holmes pastiche. Dreadful in plotting and writing. I lost track of the bloopers. Continuity means nothing to Mr. Entwistle. I lost track of the contradictions from page to page, sometimes even on the page! For example, while in the maze, Doyle and Wilde mention that a third seance is scheduled for that night. What is the next chapter titled? Yep, “The Second Seance.” Editor, editor, please.

The cover is terrific; of course, on Kindle you don’t get the cover, at least, l not on my Kindle.

However, on the positive side, I can say this – many of the characters are historical, and, if you are interested in early 20th and 19th century spiritualism, surfing Wikipedia and other web sites for these people is fascinating. Perhaps Mr. Entwistle could write an historically accurate nonfiction book next.


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