Three Graves Full by Jamie Mason

This was surprisingly fun. When you can root for a murderer, who is really a nice guy, who finds himself in a jigsaw puzzle with all matter of characters who keep popping up, it can be entertaining. It reminds me of Hitchcock’s The Trouble with Harry.

Plus, if you are a dog lover, then that’s a bonus.

Jason Getty has a secret. After being bullied and harassed by a sociopath, the soft-spoken, even wimpy guy, he does something he comes to regret.  As a result, he has neglected his suburban yard. No good deed goes unpunished. The lawn men find two dead bodies buried outside his ordinary little house. There’s another body that only Jason knows about because he put it there. Who are the other bodies? Jason has no idea who they could  be. When a couple of police detectives with a very smart dog and a pair of third parties show up to complicate matters, the stage is set for one of the strangest nights ever  in Jason’s life.

An Amazon review places this warped, engaging solidly plotted novel into Coen brothers’ territory. I agree. Blood Simple, Fargo, Burn After Reading, The Big Lebowski and several other Coen brother movies are close kin to this novel. It’s Mason’s first novel, so I expect great things from her in the future. As a début novel, it’s not perfect, but it is a worthwhile read.



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