Drop Dead on Recall by Sheila Webster Boneham

In a word, meh. The subculture of dog obedience trials rang true for me. (I have learned a bit about dog shows second-hand from my wire-haired fox terrier breeder. BTW, wires are not big on obedience.) In-bred world (I’m talking about human inter-relationships, not the dog kind) produces jealousy, envy, long-held grudges, suspicion, everything that goes with hyper-competition. It’s an expensive undertaking (not unlike dressage, in the news now), with little financial compensation to show for it, so it is done for pride. And we all go what that goeth before.

I enjoyed that part of the book – I even knew what a Dremel was. However, I prefer the harder-boiled variety of mystery, and there was very little of either in this book – either hard-boiled or mystery. When the murderer was revealed, I couldn’t remember which character it was. The biggest mystery was whether Janet was finally going to end her, apparently, long-term celibacy with beautiful Tom. Boneham may have read too many bodice-rippers to find so many descriptions of what Tom looked like, talked, acted, and inspired in Janet’s libido. Spoiler: nothing ever happened. Maybe that’s being left for the next installation. If so, I guess I’ll just have to wonder; this is not a series I’m interested in following.


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